Let’s design some covers!

This week, our assignment in Typography has been creating potential covers for BEAR Day. BEAR Day is an annual event at Mercer where students are encouraged to share their experiences in engagement, arts, and research.

The BEAR Day committee came to our class with a request for program covers. Past covers have had a lot of Bear imagery and science references, so I wanted to take my designs in a different direction!


Click here to view the PDF

This first one was inspired by the periodic table (which you probably guessed). With lots of images of beakers and microscopes floating around, I wanted to make something that a chemist would want to look at.  I was inspired by this poster by Leah Procko.


Click here to view the PDF

For my second poster, I wanted to play on a Mercer icon: the statue of Jesse Mercer lounging on a bench. Most people use photos of Jesse’s front, but I liked how clean the lines on the back were. This is my favorite of the three designs.



Click here to view the PDF

My final poster design was actually an idea that I had while babysitting. The kids pulled out a spirograph set and I was hooked. I think I liked their toy more than they did.

So I came home and made a spread with a spirogram as the main attraction.


Which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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