Drawing Near

Hey, friends! As some of you may know, the flu has wrecked my life a bit this week. There’s nothing like body aches to remind you that you are, in fact, weak. Isn’t it a beautiful thing, though, that at our weakest, there are often people around us willing to support us? In my case, there are roommates ready with soup and Gatorade and a mom that runs to the pharmacy when I can barely get out of bed.

This week, they’ve been a reminder for me that as much as they are there for me, how much more does God want to take care of us? How much more does He long to respond to us? In our brokenness and hurting and exhaustion, He offers rest and healing. Man, those words sound good this week.

That thought led me to this song, which (as it often does) led me to some scribbling. Which led to some Adobe Illustrator tweaking and Photoshop playing. And now, there’s art, which you’re welcome to download if you like. Want to see the process? Comment below!

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